Reibung In Schleifen - Live

by 3dtorus



The "Reibung In Schleifen Trilogie" (engl.: Friction In Loops Trilogy) is an industrial techno live act set, also a distilled album of 16 tools and furthermore a package of 64 loops. It was created with the basic idea of a "mechanized human factor".
On a higher level this is conceptual, overall planned, deliberately arranged and recorded and on the contrary contains accidents and random events on the most basic level, within the loops.
So, the "human factor" here is in charge for order and chaos, for reduction, deduction and induction.

1. Every single sound/loop is either from a field recording (the soundscaping) or recorded live by triggering samples with drumpads (the beats).
2. All drumpatterns were recorded without applying an auto-grid directly to DAW only by playing to a metronome and were looped afterwards.
3. There was no over-dubbing or posterior cleaning up of the recorded loops involved, every recorded note in drum loops still exists. Drum loops were not de-clicked at the loop points.
4. The used field recordings (a friend of mine on piano, me humming and street scenery sounds) were looped, stretched and pitched (in parts radically) to make them fit into the overall picture.
5. Synth patterns were recorded live using drumpads, also without grid, then looped.
6. The results from this preparation part were 64 loops which I arranged to a grid to give them a running order and create a musical meta-sense, or better tell a story.
7. Then I came to recording again, using fx and fades.
8. Except for mastering, and basic arranging in case of the tools, no post-editing was done.

The purpose of this being released as a trilogy is simple, the live act recording can be seen as the plain listening edit, the tools are made for DJs while the ones who are into remixing and rearranging may find themselves served best with the loop package.


released March 2, 2015

Thanks (in no particular order) to the guy in charge, Mrs. Torus, family, friends, listeners.
All content created by 3dtorus @lofreqlab, Germany. All rights reserved.




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If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. [...] (Henry David Thoreau)

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